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Chris Colfer talks FNO and style evolution

You guys were working on [Glee's Fashion's Night Out 'Fashion' music video]?
Oh my God, all I remember is my pants were so tight that day. My legs turned blue… among other things. It was a lot of fun, it was one of those, I don’t think any of us had ever really experienced it before. Like, the director gives you a note like, ‘Okay, I want more tiger, less kitten!’

So, who is the big fashion maven on Glee?
Well, Kurt is, obviously. If there’s something that boy knows about, it’s fashion.

How has your fashion sense changed since being on the show?
You know, I’m no longer afraid to try new things. And by new things, of course, I mean like a scarf, or maybe a pen - nothing too big. But I realised, since millions of people have seen me in those ridiculous, ridiculous outfits, there’s really not much I can do in my personal life to, you know, make up for it. So I think I just have more bravery.


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